Drill Pipe ID Wiper Balls

Drill Pipe ID Wiper Balls . Literally ID mean inside diameter or inside dimension. Why we say here ID wiper is that we are determining inside wiping work. That’s all. It is pure packaged MERIT Istanbul. That’s why this wiper ball is pro qualified component for oil & gas field’s after cementing erasing works.
Because of its high flexibleness you are doing your drilling pipe rubbing off work with prime conclusion. We assurance you to get your feedback thanks every time.

Drill Pipe ID Wiper Balls Merit

Drill Pipe ID Wiper Ball is devised to wipe out inner surface of drill pipe and tube string absolutely. My commodity erases completely with no any debris or cement residue. Perfection in outing of rests.

Foam Wiper Balls data sheet part number is beginning with WP codes. WP is our internal identification of this stock. If you ask complete PDF catalog of the application DS, please feel free to want from us.

My chief would be very happy to share any knowledge or paper with you. Our team member representative is open cooperative people as like as you in every step of contact.

My company transmit this main helping part of cementing job into your oil gas field address all the globe. Especially we are able deliver in all over the world petroleum extraction areas. The reason why you can ask us quote to include freight. Air, road or see dispatch possible.
Team prefers express also for urgent customer demand. Crew are all open mind businessmen as like as you. They listen you. The reason why you will be welcome.
From CA to UAE we are hauling foam balls around every day every week. Because of we have depot in Istanbul city of Turkey.
Temperature range of 40°F (4°C) to 302°F (150°C).
Parting stretch of 380 to 440%.
Diameter 1 inch to 11 inch.
Best seller foam wiping ball usage at MERIT is WP10006. General size reference 6.00 in. Actual size 5.91 in. Thus its typical wiping range 4.75 to 2.00 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 0.875 in.
An other best-seller foam wiping ball at MERIT is WP10007. General size reference 7.00 in. Actual size 6.89 in. Thus its typical wiping range 5.50 to 2.38 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 1.000 in.
We are also manufacturing custom size and specific wiper ball s to drilling giants. For example we made 11 inch cementing foam balls to a oil extraction WW known company in Iraq. CEO sent us a thanking mail. We still good relations with this company. Our business is growing with their periodical orders.
Additionally we had produced 10 in wiping balls to Chinese petroleum sector supply firm. It is also reflected us good feedback. After a very short time of usage a Thailand oil company came us and wanted 11 inches wiper balls. We made it for them in a short time.
In addition we were outcome 9 inch foam wiper balls to a huge group from Canada. We had have their best approach. Now they are still preferring us with their wiper foam ball. 

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